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Home >> Changsha Orange Island travel guide and tours

Changsha Orange Island

Changsha Orange IslandOrange Island, also known as the Orange Island amphibious Chau, the Xiangjiang River in Changsha City opposite the middle of the river, one of the Xiangjiang River downstream of many alluvial sandbar, the world's largest inland Island. Orange Island, Seibo Yuelushan, east of the city of Changsha, surrounded by water, stretching dozens of miles, narrow at the cross for about 40 meters, Changsha tour about 140 meters wide at the cross shape is a Long Island, is one of the important attractions in Changsha. National AAAAA (5A) level tourist areas and national key scenic spots. Between the the Orange Island referral mountains city, floating on the curl Limbo, known as "China's first Chau.

Orange Island growth with thousands of flowers and vines, of which there are 143 kinds of rare plants. Cranes, herons, gulls, foxes, badgers and other rare animals. Surrounded by mountains, facing the water, humid climate and pleasant floral growth area. Orange Park, Zade the autumn Abstract aromatic orange Lin, Orange Hong Shili, emerald shade. The plums Park, Chestnut Park, tea plantations and loquat, peach, pear, apricot formed economic forest belt, Bangsheng the hawthorn, kiwi, Rosa laevigata, wild grapes, Mountain Begonia into a piece of wild fruit.

Orange Isle, and vast river wide, and built a beautiful Orange Island Park. Eye-catching giant white marble monument stands in the center of the park, the front engraved with Mao Zedong handwritten Orange Isle the back "Qinyuanchun Changsha full text. Chau Tau, also built pavilions have an ethnic characteristics, flying Zhi Xiang River above. Qinyuanchun Changsha: the "independent autumn cold, Xiangjiang north to the Orange Isle, see Wan shanhong, storied make dye".

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