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Home >> Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb tour guide

Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb

Mawangdui Han Dynasty TombMawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb is in Changsha, Hunan east suburb wulipai, a saddle open mound mound 10 meters high, the diameter of 30 meters. Originally thought it was from 1972 to 1974 in succession of the Five Dynasties Chu Ma Yin tombs excavation has unearthed three Western Han tombs. According to research, this is a the princes family cemetery of the early Western Han Dynasty. Its magnificent tombs structure very complex, one of the Three tomb coffin burial well preserved. Tomb by Muding to the coffin chamber depth of 20 meters. The coffin chamber is constructed in the pit at the bottom, by the three coffin (at the coffin, the coffin, inside the coffin), coffin (outer coffin, the coffin inside the coffin), as well as skids composed. Wooden coffin around its upper packing charcoal, 30-40 cm thick, about 1 million pounds. Charcoal outside plaster filling sealing thickness of 60-130 cm. A coffin body of a woman, save very complete, see only domestic. Funerary objects are very rich, $ 3,000, silk, silk books, silk paintings, lacquer ware, pottery, bamboo, bamboo, casks, agricultural and livestock products, herbs and other. The coffin of the coverage, including a painted silk painting, pattern bright, colorful, the screen contents imagine rich, extant in China 2100 years ago painted silk sound painting treasures. Lacquer inscription, Lute, seal inference Tomb Han Hou's wife of Li Cang, the 2nd tomb Tametoshi Cang, III tomb is the son of Li Cang. The three burials time 20 years apart. Also, according to research, Hou Department of Han Emperor Hui (BC 193), 2012 seal waste four years (191 BC).

Mawangdui excavations, the history of our country, and scientific research have tremendous value, abnormal precious archaeological finds. Book "52 sick side" from the 3rd tomb unearthed by the research, "Yellow Emperor" (a book before in the Warring States period), the book contains 52 kinds of diseases, also referred to 100 the name of the variety of diseases, China Changsha tour containing a total square more than 280 drugs used over 240. It can see the first prescription. "52 sick side" found that supplementation of the contents the Neijing ago Pro Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Medical, is a very precious heritage of medicine. Moved to the Hunan Provincial Museum archaeological finds on display, Three pit remains as it is, for the Chinese and foreign visitors tour.

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