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Home >> Huitang Hot Spring sightseeing tours

Huitang Hot Spring

Huitang Hot SpringHuitang Hot Spring is located in the southwest of Ningxiang County, Hunan Province, with a total area of 48 square kilometers, the annual average temperature of 16.2-17.6 ¡æ, moderate rainfall, adequate sunshine, fresh air and pleasant weather. Huitang soup of Hot Springs is one of three well-known high-temperature composite springs, more than 2,000 years of history. Spring water temperature up to 89.5 ¡æ, contains 29 kinds of trace elements beneficial to humans. The spa area eight square kilometers, rich hot spring water, has been initially developed, the daily water supply 3500 tons, there are daily water supply of 10,000 tons over the spa to be developed. Huitang soup hot springs blessed with a very broad development prospects.

Huitang good location and convenient transportation. Shaoshan Mao Zedong's former residence, the former residence of Liu Shaoqi Huaminglou as goods-shaped arrangement, each separated by 30-40km. East of Changsha Railway Station 90km, Huanghua International Airport 110km, Shichang Railway, Luoyang-Zhanjiang railway staggered its side, and convenient transportation. Starting from Changsha, often along the long highway, road Ninghui to Huitang total 477km, only 90 minutes away by car.

Huitang Renwen atmosphere, outstanding. Three Kingdoms famous politician, was born in the Huitang soup Jiang Wan Shu Prime Minister, there are still many of his childhood reading recreation relic (Messire bridge, Messire Tan); Song Dynasty scholar Yi cleanse, wit Xue Jin Xuan, Liu Qing literati Mori, Yushi Wang Wenqing , Hanlin Wang] shipped, and so have come to this bath body chant, left many beautiful poems. Ulav older generation of revolutionaries, Wang Zhen, the first Road King, Olivia, etc. was in this rest, leaving the famous General Building and many elephants. Olympic champion Xiong Ni, Li Xiaopeng, Changsha trips Yang Xia Hunan and other athletes had Huitang soup convalescent care. Hui Tangfeng Guang beautiful, good vegetation. Next to the hot springs east duck mountain, deep valleys, gurgling springs. Pleasant scenery, pleasant pastoral scenery, myths and legends touching, is a rare ideal world.

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