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Home >> Embroidery Museum travel guide and tour

Embroidery Museum

Embroidery MuseumChangsha, Hunan Embroidery Museum is a professional one to show the world Xiangxiu history and art museums. Exhibition hall of 810 square meters, more than 1,200 pieces of collections by Xiangxiu historical origins and Hunan embroidery rise of Contemporary Xiangxiu Xieying wait until three themed exhibits vividly Hunan embroidery process of evolution and ancestors exquisite masterpiece of the artist, vividly describes the exquisite Xiangxiu course of the development and contemporary works, China Changsha tours shows the new style of the art of embroidery.

In these works, the original "hair-pin" well-developed "lion", "drink tiger" Hunan embroidery boutique, won the prize flowers Cup Award of Chinese arts and crafts, and both selected national treasures of China Arts and Crafts; developed "Yang", "moon," and "Qunxian birthday chart" national treasure. HE Hong Kong's return to the large-scale Xiangxiu sided Block screen the gift "Bainiaozhaofeng Dongting springtime Centennial regression of Hong Kong and the SAR government to set up the ceremony to be appreciated and loved by Chinese and foreign guests.

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