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Home >> Longqing Gorge tour guide

Longqing Gorge

Longqing GorgeSmall Three Gorges worth Gorges, the Three Gorges mountain than insurance. Lijiang Lijiang surpass small, clear water than the Li River. Streamer: Beyond the Great Wall is a must. It is intended for visitors who have Longqingxia a couplet, perhaps, it points to this piece of Church Hill Lishui heritage ; perhaps, that reflects a deeper and sentiment, with a couplet is difficult exhaustive. But Longqingxia is Longqingxia, it is both gentle and graceful southern landscape, yet vigorous and masculine northern landscape, it is the culmination of the landscape of the north and south, out beyond the Great Wall built in a bright pearl.......

Seira with water as the mountain as Jade Hairpin. Longqingxia boat Beijing tour, started slowly as if the hand of a shaft landscape scroll, Lijiang charm blowing, drawing visitors to the ubiquitous environment. That mountain peaks screen out, meandering saga, with the shape meaning, according to Maung said the name of Heaven vicissitudes of nature, gods of good fortune Tathagata mountain town, Zhongshan, Coronet Island, East Dazhai, Moon, more than 30 of the landscape, Reattachment of people's feelings, landscapes have a person's character and spirituality. That water, clean blue water, nine linger, Green was dense, soft fiber loving, Tinto Hill in light birds are pregnant, satisfied long day clouds in the chest. Mountain backwater, water penetration mountain line, described as a cliff no doubt, one finally do not have days. Longqingxia summer, cool climate, fresh air, the temperature of 6 degrees below the Beijing urban area, even lower than the Chengde Mountain Resort 0.8 degrees. And winter, ice longer period, extremely cold, so here was born Ice wonderful art, Canyon, one of the world's ice jade puzzle, a northern snow paradise.

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