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Home >> Forbidden City tour information

Forbidden City

Forbidden CityForbidden City is located in the center of Beijing, also known as " Forbidden City." Here once lived 24 emperors, the Ming and Qing dynasties ( 1368 to 1911 ) of the palace, now turned into " National Palace Museum." Palace of the entire building magnificent, stately gorgeous, known as one of the world's five Palace ( Beijing Forbidden City, the Palace of Versailles in France, Buckingham Palace, the White House, Russia Kremlin ), and was UNESCO as "World Heritage." Forbidden City is China's largest existing palace buildings, the most complete ancient building complex with a total area of over 720,000 square meters, there are temples palace 9999 half, known as the " house of the sea", the daring, ambitious, very spectacular. Whether layout, three-dimensional effect, or formal majestic stately, are called incomparable masterpiece.

An axis through the entire Forbidden City, this axis again in Beijing tour central axis. Three hall, after three Palace, Imperial Garden is located on this axis. Both sides of the central axis of the palace, but also symmetrical distribution of many temples, are also magnificent gorgeous. The palace can be divided into two parts, the Outer Court and the Inner Court. Outer Court ether three hall as the center, the Mandarin, Wu Ying for the wings. Neiting to Qing, Jiao Tai Temple, Kunning as the center, things Palaces for the wings, precise layout and orderly. Palace of the four corner of the city has a delicate and exquisite turret, built sophisticated appearance. Miyagi is surrounded by 10 meters high, 3400 meters long wall, wall, 52 meters wide moat. Now, some of the Forbidden City palace set up a comprehensive history of Art, painting museum, classification Ceramic Museum, Bronze Museum, Ming and Craft Gallery, engraved museum, toy museum, four treasures of the museum, toy museum, museum treasures, Watch Museum and the Qing court judgments heritage exhibitions, has a large collection of ancient art, according to statistics totaled 1,052,653, accounting for the total number of Chinese cultural relics sixth, is China 's most extensive collection of cultural relics museum, the world-famous ancient culture and art museum, many of them priceless artifacts are unique treasures.

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