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Home >> Badaling Great Wall tour information

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great WallBadaling Great Wall, known as one of the world nine Cypriot, is the essence of the Great Wall in the Ming Great Wall, the unique representation. Badaling Great Wall is the Great Wall was first opened to visitors lots, Badaling Great Wall area to the main construction of the Badaling restaurants, theaters and the whole week by President Jiang Zemin personally title of Great Wall of China Museum fully functional modern tourist facilities. Badaling scenic area with its magnificent scenery, excellent facilities and a deep historical meaning of culture known to the world.

Badaling superior geographical environment, the ancient gateway to Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Zhangjiakou traffic arteries. 98 years, the Badaling Expressway opened to traffic, the traffic is very convenient. Moreover, the annual average temperature than the Beijing Badaling lower than 3 ¡æ, a summer Yanqing tourism leader.

Yanqing Badaling Great Wall in China Beijing tours. Pass of the Great Wall is one. Its off the city of East West wide narrow trapezoidal, Ming Hongzhi eighteen years (1505), Jiajing and Wanli had rehabilitate. There are two things off the city Eastgate amount of title Guyan outside the town, engraved on Jiajing eighteen years (1539); Simon amount of title North Gate lock and key, engraved on the Wanli years (1582). Two-door are masonry structure, the coupon hole as a platform to the north and south units of each channel, connecting off the city walls, build forts around the stage. Jing Zhang road from the gate by, for access to Beijing's throat. From the north gate lock and key tower left and right sides, extending the ups and downs, twists and turns rolling the Great Wall. Wall total length of 6,700 kilometers, is one of the oldest of the great buildings in the world.

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