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Home >> China Ancient Animal Museum travel guide

China Ancient Animal Museum

China Ancient Animal MuseumChina Ancient Animal Museum of Vertebrate Paleontology Museum was founded in October 1994, December 1995 opening. The museum consists of three layers three exhibition halls. The first layer of the ancient fish-shaped animals and ancient amphibians exhibition showcases a variety of jawless, fish and amphibians fossil specimens, including the Comoros government donated called " living fossil" Ladi Mai fish specimens, this is the main building of a collection of treasures, but also the only domestic fifty-six the best preserved specimens of one individual. In the middle layer and the second floor has a huge interlinked " dinosaur exhibition pool", displaying a representative of several large Chinese dinosaur skeletons, including China's largest and the world's longest neck dinosaur - - up to 22 meters mamenchisaurus, its neck had nine meters long. The second layer of the ancient reptiles and birds, exhibition hall, including the ancient dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, pterosaurs, ichthyosaurs, crocodiles, turtles, including a variety of ancient reptiles and Confucius bird, ostrich and other ancient birds Angle precious specimens. Where the second floor of the south " dinosaur corridor " in the first exhibits - Hsu Lufengosaur fossil skeleton known as " China First Dragon ", which is found in the earliest times of the dinosaurs (living in 200 million years former Yunnan), but also China's first pallet dinosaur (1941 in Chongqing Beibei cage), by the Chinese Academy of vertebrate Paleontology founder Yang Zhongjian research, the specimen has thus become the museum 's greatest treasures. In the northeast corner of the second floor, the museum exhibited the latest with a feathered dinosaur fossils - Dong Long tail, which is a known for its world -class treasures fossils, who retains clear traces of feathers. Dinosaurs had feathers, which is China scholars latest paleontological discoveries that shocked the world ; the specimen has repeatedly exhibited abroad, Beijing tours attracted domestic and foreign scholars and audiences of great interest. The third floor gallery features a variety of ancient mammals, ancient mammal specimens and skeleton, including the well-known majestic towering like a giant skeleton of the Yellow River, it has nearly four meters high, was the tallest land animal, is written in Primary School "language" fifth-grade textbooks, viewers can glance at this true capacity.

Museum of Vertebrate Paleontology each have their own a few tens of meters long giant launched by the wall paintings were drawn " Paleozoic marine and terrestrial ", " Mesozoic dinosaur world", " a new generation of mammalian homeland " and other three theme, showing all produced from Chinese geological age of Vertebrate Paleontology and communities face unique natural landscape ecology. China Ancient Animal Museum Hall Tree Chinese ancient human was completed and opened in 1999, through the exhibition of ancient human fossils and Paleolithic specimens and model systems of human origin and evolution of universal scientific knowledge, has demonstrated coexistence of man and nature science topics. Includes remarkable gift of Peking Man skull and abroad all kinds of precious ancient human fossil specimens and models, as well as humans have used a variety of stone and bone.

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